.the 1975.
👽 i was abducted by aliens 👽

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Where do you get your cool as fuck pics I'm jealous :((


i find some of them on this site and also just different places on the internet.

Wow ok your blog is so pretty and so are you. I think I found my new favorite blog! So.. what's your nº1 song from the 1975?


aw thank you sweetie for all of your kind messages!

and my favorite song by the 1975 is probably Robbers. Its just so mezmerizing.

rate: 8/10

Starting school? If so, are ya excited? ((I feel like a lame family member asking this lol)) 😅


I’m about to attend Ohio University and it’s my dream school so i’m definately excited!! x

rate: 9/10

i want to do something.

👽 ask me a question and in turn i will give you a blog rate { x/10} 👽

seriously the only picture of me without makeup that I like. Don’t hate.